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Yvette Kemp

Yvette Kemp is a hospital keeperAn employee in a zoo who takes care of the animals. at the Zoo. She has worked at the San Diego Zoo since 1993, and while she started in the Education department, she says she always knew she wanted to work with animals. She has worked with lots of different critters at the Zoo, including different types of primatesMembers of the most highly developed order of animals, including humans, monkeys, and apes., hippos, and hoofstock, and some really stand out in her mind.


"Among my favorites are Gaston, the warthog, and Larson the zebra, who lived with Gaston," Yvette says. "And then there was Carl the African springhaas, who only liked some people--like me!"


Yvette says it was always interesting working with Gaston and Larson, because they sometimes did funny things. "One time Larson was playing in the dirt and Gaston came walking up and just stood on him! Larson looked so surprised!"


Yvette would like to someday work with African painted dogs