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What’s cool about this job

Being outside in such a beautiful area is a great way to work! Learning about plants, maintaining their health, and keeping the grounds looking colorful and interesting are all things that we like about our jobs.


Job challenges

Protecting the plants as living elements isn’t always easy. We need to preserveAn area restricted for the protection and preservation of animals, plants, or other natural resources. the plants in exhibits, where the animals often try to eat them or destroy them. We also have to protect the plants during construction projects. Some of the trees are irreplaceable because of the time it takes them to mature. In addition, our animalAny living thing that is not a plant. Most animals can move about freely. All use plants or other animals as food. All have sensory organs. populationThe number of a kind of animal that lives in a place. For example, San Francisco has a big seagull population; New York City has a population of several million people. is always growing, so there is always increased demand for plants as food for our animals.


How to get a job like this  

You need to be in the right place at the right time, with the right attitude and experience. You might consider studying ornamental horticultureThe practice of growing and cultivating plants, especially in a garden, nursery, greenhouse, or botanical garden like the San Diego Zoo or San Diego Zoo Safari Park. and biologyThe study of life and living things. Biology deals with how plants and animals live and grow, how they are made, and where they are found. in college. Volunteer to work with park service groups to understand the importance of vegetation and animals in the area. Torrey Pines State Reserve, here in California, and many other communityA group of living things that are generally found together within an ecosystem. park groups use volunteers to maintain trails and replant areas to restore habitatWhere an animal or plant normally lives and grows.. Get involved working with plants now, and you’ll learn much of what you’ll need to know in order to work in this field later.