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Besides taking care of the animals and plants in our collection, San Diego Zoo Global is working very hard to help make sure wildlife is around for generations to come. That is what "ConservationThe wise use, care, and protection of natural resources, including plants and animals." is all about: the wise use, care, and protection of natural resourcesMaterials found in nature that are used by people, such as sunshine, water, air, soil, minerals, forests, and wildlife., including plants and animals. Not only do we need to protect animals, we have to take care of their habitats and the environmentEverything that surrounds an animal or other living thing. For example, a pond is a frog's environment., too! ConservationThe wise use, care, and protection of natural resources, including plants and animals. work is often like a puzzle—we not only have to find all the pieces, we also have to see how they all fit together.

The 11 kinds of iguanas that live only on the Caribbean Islands in the Atlantic Ocean are the most endangered group of lizards in the world. Like many animals that live on islands, if their habitat is destroyed, they have nowhere else to go.
Elephants have huge appetites. In Africa and Asia, an elephant might eat about 220 to 440 pounds of grass, fruit, leaves, and bark each day. To gather enough food and find water to drink, an elephant moves from one area to another.
People the world over love the black-and-white bears known as pandas. The giant panda is a national treasure in China, and these rare bears are protected by law.
Saving little birds that live on–and under–the ground!
Helping the Pacific pond turtle by giving them a head start by raising them in a safe place.