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Are you inspired by the world of wildlife?  Check out these fun crafts you can make at home. Give them as gifts, or use them to turn your bedroom into a zoo of your very own!







Oil Slick

Have you ever heard the saying "oil and water don't mix"? It's true, because oil floats on top of water because it is the lighter liquid. You can use the relationship between oil and water to create some interesting art.

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Piñata for a Pet

One of a zookeeper’s jobs is to provide enrichment for the animals. Enrichment is giving animals things to do and to think about, like puzzles or experiences for their senses. You can provide enrichment for your pets at home, too! Here’s how to make a piñata for your pet to play with.

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Caterpillar Keepsake Box

Some kinds of caterpillars are colored in a way that helps them blend in with their surroundings to hide from predators. Other types have very bright colors that are meant to send the signal that they are poisonous and should be left alone.

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Feed the Frog

If you watch a frog swallowing food, you'll see it closing its eyes really hard. When it does that, its eyeballs press down and help push the food down the frog's throat. Of course, first the frog has to catch its prey! Try your hand at feeding a frog by making this fun game out of an empty, clean milk or juice jug.

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Handy Elephant

Elephants live in groups called herds. Invite your family and friends to give you a "hand" creating a herd of happy elephants!

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Lion Mask

The big, fluffy mane of a male lion makes him look bigger to his rivals, but to humans, it just looks cool! Join the pride, by making a lion mask and pretend to be the king of the savanna. Let's roar!

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Tapir Door Hanger

Tapirs leave their scent to advertise their territory, but you can make a cool door hanger to let everyone know which bedroom is yours!

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How to draw a panda!

Learn how to draw one of our most famous animals, a giant panda! Print out the step by step PDF below. When you're finished, take a photo or scan your drawing and upload it to the Doodles gallery.

How to draw an elephant!

Live large! Learn how to draw an elephant! Print out the step by step PDF you see on this page. When you're finished, take a photo or scan your drawing and upload it to the Doodles gallery.