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What you need

Cut apart the brown paper bag

Now you have a howling wolf!

Wolf Organizer

What You Need:
  • 1 cereal box
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • 1 or 2 large brown grocery bags
  • White glue
  • Black marker
  • Poster paint (optional)


What You Do:

1. Cut the cereal box into two triangle-shaped pieces by cutting from the bottom corner to the opposite corner at the top. You may want to get an adult to help you with this.

2. The bottom triangle of the box will be the wolf’s body (you could also use the top to make a second wolf if you want to). You can leave the inside the color of the box, or you can paint it with poster paint, if you want to have a colorful wolf.

3. Cut apart a brown paper grocery bag and lay one side on your work surface, plain side up. Using your pencil, trace around the bottom edge and side edge of the box triangle on the brown paper, to make two strips. Cut these strips out, leaving about ½ inch (1.3 centimeters) extra on each side of the tracing.

4. Glue the two brown paper strips to the bottom and side edges of the box, folding the extra paper along the edges onto the sides of the box.

5. Lay out another side of the brown paper bag on your work surface, plain side up. Using the pencil, trace around the two flat triangle sides of the box. Cut out those triangles.

6. Glue the two brown paper triangles (plain side facing you) onto the sides of the box. The box should now be covered on all sides with brown paper.

7. Using what’s left of your brown paper bag, or a new one if you need to, draw the shape of a tail for the wolf, with notches along the sides to make it look fringed, and the shapes of two pointed ears. Cut out the tail and ears.

8. Glue the tail to the underside of the box at the open side, so it points backward from the opening. Glue the ears to the sides of the box, towards the top where the head is.

9. Use the black marker to draw the legs and feet on either side of the box, as if the wolf is sitting. Then draw the eyes on either side.

10. Now you have a howling wolf that can sit on your desk and hold your important papers, homework, or letters!