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Plant Paints

What You Need:
  • An adult to help you with the cooking part of the craft
  • Water
  • Sauce pan
  • Paintbrushes
  • White paper
  • Papertowels or newspaper
  • A muffin tin OR small glass jars OR clean margarine or yogurt containers
  • PlantAny living thing that is not an animal. Plants live on sunlight and water instead of food. Plants generally cannot move on their own, and are not able to smell, hear, see, or touch. material:
    • onion skins (for brown color)
    • dandelion flowers (for yellow color)
    • beets (for red color)
    • carrots (for orange color)
    • green tops from carrrots or beets (for green color)
    • cranberries (for pink color)
    • blueberries or blackberries (for blue color)


What You Do:

1. Boil each of the plants in a separate pan of water until the water turns the color you want. Cool the pans of water.
2. Take out the plants, then pour the cooled, colored waters into separate compartments in the muffin tin, or into separate jars or margarine containers.
3. Cover your work surface with paper towels or newspaper, then use paintbrushes to dip into the colored waters and paint pictures or designs on the white paper. Construction paper works well because it absorbs the water more.