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Are you inspired by the world of wildlife?  Check out these fun crafts you can make at home. Give them as gifts, or use them to turn your bedroom into a zoo of your very own!







Leafy Animals Craft

Have you ever looked at clouds and seen shapes in them? You can see shapes and figures in leaves, too. One leaf looks a lot like an elephant's ear. A fern might remind you of a lion's mane. And those pine needles—porcupine quills! Take a look at the leaves that fall around your neighborhood, and you might just see a whole zoo full of animals!

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Itsy, Bitsy Spider

Most spiders spin sticky webs to catch insects to eat. The spider feels the vibration of the web's silken strands when an insect gets caught in it. Quickly the hungry spider moves to its next meal and wraps more sticky thread around the insect. See how fast you can make your spider move!

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Fuzzy Koala Friend

Create a fuzzy koala out of pom-poms and felt.

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Fuzzy Caterpillar Buddy

Some caterpillars are covered with smooth skin, but others have bristly hairs. This kind of fuzzy covering helps discourage some predators from eating the caterpillar.

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Plant Paints

Plants get their colors from chemicals called pigments, which reflect light in certain ways that our eyes and brains interpret as color. Plant pigments have been used for centuries as paint for clothes and art. Make some plant paint yourself and see what you can create!

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Tissue Paper Butterfly

It's amazing what you can make out of discarded wire clothes hangers! These colorful butterflies can be used to decorate your bedroom or for a party.

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Wolf Organizer

Wolves are social animals that help one another. This "wolf" will help you keep school papers and other important things together where you can easily find them.

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How to draw a panda!

Learn how to draw one of our most famous animals, a giant panda! Print out the step by step PDF below. When you're finished, take a photo or scan your drawing and upload it to the Doodles gallery.

How to draw an elephant!

Live large! Learn how to draw an elephant! Print out the step by step PDF you see on this page. When you're finished, take a photo or scan your drawing and upload it to the Doodles gallery.